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Presentation of the EPS

My name is Diane Hiddlestone and I am the sports teacher. My role is to plan sports classes that are focused around the teaching and learning of all the different aspects and values of both traditional and modern sports. The students learn team work, fair-play, honesty, discipline, self-confidence and respect of themselves, others, the rules of the games, the equipment and the environment.

The sports classes are done in English to allow the students to learn the language in a setting other than the classroom. This allows them to have an extra hour of English throughout the week while doing something that they enjoy. After spending the last 10 years in Australia, I try to adapt their ways of teaching and learning to the French system and bring some novelties to keep the students interested and motivated.

I also take APC classes from GS to CM2. Those classes are designed to be able to work with a smaller group of students who might require extra attention for different reasons. Some struggle in class and need more attention to get better and others need more stimulation since they are ahead of the pack. These classes allow me to better work with them with more one on one attention and cater for their specific needs.

I am also involved with teaching swimming and water safety to students of CE1 and CM1. Swimming is my passion and safety in the water is something that I feel very strongly about. In my opinion, it is very important that all students get some exposure to swimming and water safety at some point of their school years, especially since we are a country surrounded by water and we are a population who loves being in or around the water.

The exposure the students receive in those early stages will help them better cope with the learning of sailing that they do in CM2. I also accompany them for the snorkeling sessions that they do prior to sailing.

As part of my role I also need to organize the school’s annual sports day and the cross for the CM1. The CM2 classes also compete each year against other schools for the cross. The organization of the day is done in turn by each of the 4 schools involved. I am responsible for organizing next year’s interschool cross.

My short time as a sports teacher has been very rewarding, full of fun surprises and an enjoyable learning experience that I look forward to being able to enjoy for the coming years.

Enseignement français

Teaching French

Bien vivre ensemble

Living together

Établissement AEFE conventionnés

Establishment of AEFE

Historical High school of Mauritius, with the AEFE agreement, the LLB educates students from kindergarten to baccalauréat, in a bilingual school course to the success of all.